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About the company owners

Hi! Welcome to Mayflower 400 Tours, a division of Reformation Tours. My name is Rowena Drinkhouse and my husband, Frank, and I have worked in the tour industry for almost 30 years. I’ve been enjoying creating historical and cultural tours as part of the events commemorating the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower voyage. It’s been an honor to work with Mayflower 400, Plymouth 400, Leiden, and the Wampanoag nation to research these trips.

I grew up in Essex, not far from Harwich (which we pronounce “Harridge”) and have been familiar with the Mayflower story from childhood. My husband and I founded Reformation Tours in 2003 after moving to the States from Turkey, where we ran a hotel and operated area tours for several years. I created this website to help you learn more about the Mayflower 400 and the specialty tours we will be offering to Europe and New England in 2019 and 2020.

Whether you are a direct descendant of the Mayflower passengers, or someone who loves to investigate important historical events, I hope you find something here that will spark your interest! I will continue to add more trips to this website as I create them and will also include guest blogs, background information, event links, etc.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide for you or your group. Customizable group trips are always available if you don’t find an existing trip that will work for you.

Below are some family photos with my children, who have joined my husband and me on many of our trips and done research in various countries on their own too (they are pretty adventurous!). Rosie is 23 and is studying law at City University in London. Josh is 20 and is studying Business and Computer Science in Troy, NY.

Reformation Tours and Mayflower 400 Tours, dba, are covered by the industry standard Errors and Omissions insurance, issued by Berkeley. We are members of the National Tour Association and the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois. I am the Chair of the Faith Travel Association’s Advisory Board and designed a Mayflower 400 and Plymouth 400 for tour operators in the National Tour Association last year.

Rowena Drinkhouse
Vice-president of Reformation Tours